Materials used in the Thiya packaging are all recyclable, which means your purchase won't lead to any waste generation.
The plastics are of 50 micron plus and are only used where necessary , which are also recyclable though


Thiya operates on 95%(+) paper-less strategy, which means apart from printing your invoice & your packaging, we don't use papers for any other purposes which is where the digital technology comes in.


Be it the jewellery itself, or the packaging or just anything, we make sure the source is legal and not adherent to wrong practices and on the other hand supports local development

Return Shipping:-

We know that shipping products to individual consumers creates vehicular pollution, but that doubles up if we don't cut down on Returns. So at Thiya we make sure that all the information of the product is accurate and before dispatching it is passed thorugh Q.C. to avoid unnecessary returns.


Apart from the company Partners' contribution to the 'World vision India' for children welfare, Thiya has also fixed a % of amount for 'Donations Nationwide' from its own profit margins.