Loyalty program - brief & benefits

On a given day of their choice in a year, members of Rewards Program can avail additional discounts on the basis of the Tier they fall into for any size of single order as per the table given below:

  • As a special benefit to all members, exclusive sale days will be announced a day prior to normal sale days for the members of the Rewards Program. Thiya will inform the members about exclusive sale day from time to time.
  • Inquires of products, other than listed on the portal, will be accepted of loyalty program members only.
  • 1st tier to 2nd tier , gap should be small which will help upgrade consumer quickly & we will get better retainer ratio
  • Birthday week celebration with discount voucher
  • Anniversary celebration with discount voucher
  • Monthly giveaways (precious gift items which can also be our product line as gifting)
  • Members get bonus points for signing up, referring friends, subscribing to the newsletter and leaving product reviews
  • Participants also receive access to free jewelry cleaning service subjected to availability in their area.
  • There's a welcome gift upon first purchase(delivered after 11 days from receipt of delivery)


  • 0 - 4,000 Points 4,001 - 12,000 Points 12,000+ Points
  • Earning:- Re. 5 = 1 Point Re. 5 = 1.5 Points Re. 5 = 2 Points
  • Redemption:- 10 Points = Re. 1 / 10 Points = Re. 1 / 10 Points = Re. 1
  • Additional Discount On 1 Order:- 5% Off On Total Order Value 10% Off On Total Order Value 15% Off On Total Order Value
  • (to be used once-any time in the year)
  • Birthday Discount Voucher:- Rs. 100 Coupon Rs. 200 Coupon Rs. 300 Coupon
  • Anniversary Discount Voucher:- Rs. 100 Coupon Rs. 200 Coupon Rs. 300 Coupon
  • Free Giveaways on a minimum:- Once in Every 4 Months Once In Every 2 Months Once Every Month
  • purchase of 5000/-(single invocie)
  • Early Access:- 12 Hrs Before 24 Hrs Before 48 Hrs Before
  • Sign-up Bonus:- 500 Points (Just upon signing up) Referral Bonus:- 1000 Points (In your a/c) & 500 Points (to your referred person) Subscribing to Information & News:- 1000 Points
  • Leaving Product Reviews:- 500 Points
  • Newsletter Subscription -
  • Profile Completion"