It’s simply mind-boggling to be aware of the fact that silver can surpass gold in the long run! That’s very true. Sterling silver jewellery has seen the best times in the last year of 2021 and there is yet to be seen how exactly this changing trend turns out. 

 Silver is the new gold and various silver jewellery with various designs are creating a lot of well-deserved hype in the market. People are going gala over getting their hands on the best sterling silver jewellery. Apart from the obvious looks, it’s also interesting to note that the durability of sterling silver jewellery is much higher than that of pure silver. And coupled with that, when you get to witness the awesome designs and delicate intricacy, you surely realise then that silver is the best! 

 Coming back to the trend, let's know about the designs that are rocking the market!

 Silver Pendants

Silver Pendants, especially those that are sterling in nature, are one of the best when it comes to design and intricacy. And what more? When you get a variety of Choices cc while choosing your favourite piece of sterling silver jewellery, you would realise how advanced our creativity has become. 

 Silver Stud Jewellery

Coming back to the intricate details as well as beautiful colours, presenting you the best silver Stud Jewellery designs. Enjoy the feeling of retro by getting your hands on the best silver Stud Jewellery. You can explore the silver Stud Jewellery choices by clicking here

 Charming Silver Jewellery

If you’re all about having charms as your silver jewellery, you should be delighted to know that charming silver jewellery is on-trend as well! And when something is on-trend, you get a lot many choices! So, what are you waiting for? 

 Silver Hoops

Sterling silver Hoops are creating a rage in the market with people vying to get hold of them. 2021 has seen a massive surge in people going after sterling silver hoop jewellery. Awesomely designed, these sterling silver hoop jewellery must be on your bucket list this year! 

 Gold/Rhodium Plated Silver Jewellery

Love a good mixture of precious metals? You can also go for silver jewellery with gold plating, or maybe rhodium plating as well. Reason? Well, you obviously get to wear a stunning piece of jewellery with the touch of both metals. However, that’s not all. A coating of rhodium will also provide protection to your silver jewellery from getting tarnished. No wonder, with people gaining more knowledge, would go for a sterling silver that will not only look good but also stay for the long run. 


 So, these are some of the stunning sterling silver jewellery designs that are in vogue in the market currently. You can also save your time by simply going through Thiya, the best silver jewellery store online, and picking the piece that suits you the most! 

July 20, 2022 — Thiya Support