Silver is a highly prominent metal used in the jewelry industry and it’s easy to see why. But how can you tell if your jewelry is really 925 sterling silver and not some ordinary sad copy of silver?

 Since we all want original silver and not some imitation which will not even last for times to come, it becomes a matter of importance As we sell Hallmarked and Authenticated sterling silver jewelry which is designed across the world, we’ve come across many sites which are selling none other than Imitation jewelry and no one had a clue. Give a read to this article and save your hard-earned money to go completely waste.

What Is 925 Sterling Silver?

 925 Sterling silver contains 92.5% silver out of 100% and the other is mixed with some sort of alloy material such as copper which makes it durable. Quite different from silver-plating over some metal. We must know that silver is highly fragile and can be easily worn off, exposing other alloys used with it while making the jewelry. At Thiya we only sell sterling silver jewelry which is lab tested and hallmarked with 925 stamps 

How Can You Identify 925 Sterling Silver?

 If you are worried about the authenticity of your “sterling silver” jewelry, there are a few pointers that you should look out for before buying a silver jewelry piece: 


The easiest way to find if your jewelry is really 925 sterling silver is to get a magnet and check its authenticity. Precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are not magnetic in nature, so if your jewelry is attracted to the magnet, you can be sure that your piece isn’t really silver. 


Another way to check is to see if there are any Hallmarks on your jewelry that relate to its purity. You should be looking for stamps that say “925” which is a sign that the jewelry is lab tested for purity. These are used to represent 92.5% of pure silver which makes up the material that your jewelry is made from. However, there is some fake jewelry that will try to replicate this stamp, so it’s very important that you do other tests as well to determine whether it is real 925 sterling silver or not.

 Cloth Test

 Wiping your jewelry with a soft white cloth: If you notice black residue on the cloth post rubbing, you can rest assured that it is 925 silver. This is because 925 silver oxidizes rapidly when exposed to the air and it is the reason why silver jewelry is prone to oxidation over time and developing a dark blackish dullness. Giving a thorough check counting to the authenticity of the metal is a matter of paramount importance.

 Here at Thiya, our product managers are on hand to ensure that your jewelry is kept in prime condition with premium packaging. From Rings to Earring and Pendants as well.

July 20, 2022 — Thiya Support