We always hear that a smile is the best accessory a girl can wear. No doubt, it is true, but so are earrings. They can make or break a look. You will find various types of earrings for different occasions.

If you are having trouble selecting which earring to pair with which outfit, then this blog is simply right for you. We bring you 12 different types of earrings with a styling tip so that you never have to face an “OOPS!!!” moment.

Different Types Of Earrings That Will Match Every Outfit

Need something for a saree, lehenga, or indo-western attire? Or are you looking for something casual and simple? Your worries end with this blog. Below, we have listed 12 different types of earrings with a styling tip.

1.Delicate Diva Earrings

First up is this light sterling silver earring embedded with stones. One of the most outgoing types of earrings, this pair is small and lightweight. Portraying a poised yet powerful look, this pair is suited for every personality.

Tip: These types of earrings are perfect to pair with a Kurti or any casual outfit.

2.Constant Love Earrings

Looking for something vogue and fashionable? Well then, these constantly loved earrings are the perfect fit for you. Suitable for a minimal look and casual outing, this pair can make you stand out among the crowd. The rose gold colour will only add peace to your personality.

Dangling on your ears, this pair will make you fall in love with its beauty and shine.

3.Gaze waterfall Earrings

Want something different? Gaze waterfall earrings are the right pick for you then. Whether you want to go to a wedding or any other occasion, these earrings will catch the eye of everyone.

With small stones attached downward like a waterfall, these will make you look effortlessly stunning.

4.Hand Fan Shape Earrings

If you need casual types of earrings, hand fan-shaped earrings are the ones for you. Also, looking like a bell, these go well with almost every outfit, western, indo-western, casual, smart or elegant.

Whichever look you may choose, these will bring a sense of poise to your look.

5.Golden Hammered Earrings

Want to sprinkle a stylish spice into your outfit? Golden hammered earrings are the ideal pic for you then. Try them on with a sleek black dress or contrasting Indian wear to bring the best out of its look. The look is exclusive and will give you a powerful and exotic.

6.Shining Bell Dancing Jhumkas Earrings

A simple look is what these pair of earrings will give you. You know that jhumkas are setting trends these days, so why wait? Grab yours from Thiya now.

It has a marvellous uncut stone and is ideal for all casual and parties. Plus, any woman of any age can carry them with utmost elegance.

7.Ovate Structure Earrings

Bored of the same old hoops and stuff? Then, ovate structure earrings will make your heart. These stunning pieces of black and silver polish add mystery to your look. You can wear them for a normal outing or if you're going for a minimalist party look.

8.Pearlaholic Earrings

When the name is so pretty, how can the actual item not be, right? Want to stand out? Go for these earrings. They can go with any outfit and any look you’re aiming for. A beautiful white pearl will catch the attention of all eyes.

9.Gorgeous Divas Earrings

Yet another finest type of earrings. These gorgeous divas earrings are everything you need for a chic and elegant look. This pair will give a stylish fusion vibe to your look with the double-layered look.

10.Purifying Heart Earrings

Don’t want to go with shiny stones? This is the perfect pair for you then. The heart-shaped design not only looks cute and gorgeous, but these will go with every outfit. From jeans and Kurti to suits and long dresses.

11.Dancing Hoops Vibes Earrings

A popular pair among women of all ages, this pair is a true masterpiece of Korean craftsmanship. The beautiful design is nothing less than a magical treat to the eye. You can wear them for dinner, a friend gathering/ hang out or a close-knit occasion.

12.Minimal Bar Earrings

Being a perfect combination of a traditional and modern look, your search for all-rounder types of earrings should end with this piece. They are beautiful, and because they are a combo of old and new, they can go with every outfit.

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July 20, 2022 — Thiya Support